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Are you planning a renovation project?  Many home and building codes and materials have changed over the years.  Additionally, tearing out flooring, tile, and cabinets can expose hidden hazards, such as mold or lead paint.  Inhaling these materials can damage your lungs and have long term health repercussions.

If you are not able to move out or shutter your business while the renovation happens, then you can avoid these hazards by utilizing a dust free demolition service.  Floor Busters of Central Florida offers a cleaner and safer solution.

We use state of the art equipment specifically designed for a dust free demolition process. Choosing Floor Busters of Central Florida to remove your flooring and other items will protect your home and your family.   

Whether you need an entire kitchen or bathroom knocked out, or just flooring removed – we can handle it without creating a mess that is costly to clean and inefficient.  We leave the underlying surface clean and ready for installation, resulting in time and money saved by reducing the set-up and preparation time.  We partner with many contractors to make sure you get your project done quickly and efficently, with as little mess as possible.  If you aren’t in Florida, we may also have a recommendation for you.  For example, we know the best kitchen remodelers richmond va has to offer!

Silica is a natural substance found in sand, rocks and clay.  It is the major component of construction materials such as concrete, mortar, tile, and bricks.  When you cut or drill or polish these materials, normal demolition methods will generate significant dust.  Crystalline silica particles are very fine, and can embed themselves deep into your lungs, causing respiratory illnesses over time.  

Our tools are equipped with an OSHA recommended HEPA filtration system that captures the unwanted silica as it is generated. Don’t take a chance at these harmful dust particles finding their way into your lungs and AC duct work.  Call Floor Busters today!  

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Dustless Tile Removal is Possible!

You could have this....

dustless tile removal ocala fl floor busters of central florida

Or this....

  • Tile removal
  • Concrete removal
  • Wood removal
  • Carpet removal
  • Granite removal
  • Marble removal
  • Stone removal
  • Vinyl removal
  • Thinset removal
  • Surface preparation

Professional Dustless Floor Removal Services

Floor removal is needed for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it is just cosmetic – maybe the current flooring is outdated or just not your desired style.  In other cases – it might be damaged.   Whatever your reasons for wanting to remove your floor, you can count on Floor Busters of Central Florida to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and without creating a dusty mess.

We use commercial tile removal tools including ride-on floor scrapers, rotary hammers, demolition hammers, angle grinders, walk-behind and other tile removal demolition equipment.  All of these tile removal tools have specialized HEPA vacuum upgrades.  We also use powerful specialized non-clogging HEPA vacuums.  This state of the art equipment and processes leave your home or business super clean and virtually dust free!  

Because we are dustless floor removal experts, you will not have to worry about allergies or spending extra money to clean.  Although we do not do floor installation, we leave the underlying surface ready to go.  Because of this, installers love us!  We work with general contracts, flooring retailers and private homeowners.  

In cases where cabinets are installed on top of tile, we can cut the tile up to the bottom of the cabinets and under toe-kicks if removal is not desired.  If baseboard is not being replaced, we can remove tile up to the baseboard.  

We Provide Dustless Floor Removal Solutions at Fair Prices

Removing flooring can be a time intensive, back breaking process.  It can involve hammer and chisels, jackhammers, or grinders.  After experiencing traditional tile removal and demolition methods, we believe that dustless tile removal is the only way to go.  It provides quick, clean flooring removal that is far superior to doing it yourself.   When you begin a renovation project, budget is one of the first things to consider.  You need to factor in all aspects of the project.  If you try to cut costs by doing the demolition yourself, you may find that you not only put your health at risk, you also end up with additional cleaning, surface preparation, or disposal expenses.    We handle all types of flooring, including:

  • Ceramic & Porcelain tile
  • Concrete
  • Wood and Vinyl
  • Carpet with Padding
  • Stone, Granite, Slate and Marble
  • Travertine

Our floor removal experts are skilled at protecting your cabinets, walls, and furniture.  We are trained to not only safely remove unhealthy dust (silica), but to prepare the resulting surface for installation.  

Our floor removal experts have the proper tools and knowledge to remove your flooring correctly without damaging the sub-floors.  The result:

  • HEALTHIER tile removal – toxic dust never becomes airborne
  • CLEANER tile removal – hundreds of pounds of fine dust (approximately 1 pound per square foot!) never makes it into the nooks and crannies of your home.
  • FASTER tile removal – cutting edge tools designed specifically for tile removal means skipping the massive cleanup process.
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Get Top-Notch Dustless Floor Removal Assistance From the Best

Many people do not realize that dustless demolition and dustless floor removal is possible.  Floor Busters is committed to making your floor removal as painless and hassle free as possible.  Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!  We know that letting someone in your home to perform work at any level is a sign of trust.  We take that trust very seriously.  

  • ON TIME! – From the moment we arrive at your door, our team is prepared to evaluate and perform your floor removal or demolition project in a professional manner.  We will take care to protect the surrounding areas as well.  Our professional technicians will answer your questions, be helpful and courteous, and will display good moral character throughout the process. 
  • EFFICIENT!  We will get to work right away.  Because we come prepared, we do not waste time having to go get more tools.  Our team will arrive at your home or business prepared to get to work, with all the necessary materials and equipment needed.
  • COMPREHENSIVE  We are experienced in removing all manner of floors and in light demolition.  We will remove any residue or adhesive that was used and is attached to the sub-floor.  We make sure that the floor is installation ready.  This saves you money on installation, as there will be no need to further prepare the floor.  
  • VIRTUALLY DUST FREE  A typical / conventional floor removal results in a lot of dust and mess in the environment.  Not with us.  Our tools and processes ensure that you are not subjected to airborne particles as we are working, nor left to clean up a mess later.  Our process is so clean that one of our customers ate lunch next to our team removing a tile floor!

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Our Flooring Demolition Contractors are Effective and Diligent

We know from experience that flooring removal is one of the most difficult, time-consuming, and challenging aspects of any construction project whether commercial or residential. The reason being is that there are so many different types of flooring products on the market today, each with its own unique removal process. In order to minimize your cost and maximize your schedule, you need a company that specializes in flooring removal.  That is exactly what Floor Busters of Central Florida offers. We have spent years learning through hands-on experience how to ensure a dust free demolition process.  We have the knowledge needed to handle any type of flooring product.  Whether your current floor is glued down, tacked, or set over a mud bed – we can remove it quickly and leave the concrete surface ready for the new floor.

500 square feet of tile removed can generate 200-300 pounds of silica dust in your home or business.  Silica is a known carcinogen that can have long term health impact.  Our team uses high powered vacuums to ensure that dust and debris stays out of your air.  Throughout the entire project we take multiple steps and constantly monitor the work to ensure dust and debris are safely removed.  Over 99.5% of the dust is safely captured and removed from your home or business.

Call Floor Busters today!!

Local and Experienced Dustless Tile Removal of Florida

We have lived and worked in Florida for most of our lives.  We have lived through renovations projects in our own homes and businesses – and have seen first hand the benefits of dust free demolition and dustless tile removal.  We can work with the home or business owner that is tackling their renovation project themselves, or with contractors and installers to make sure that your timelines are met.  While we have offices in Gainesville, Orlando, and Ocala, we serve all of Florida.  We are ready for your project, from coast to coast!

  • Orlando
  • Clermont
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Melbourne
  • Daytona Beach
  • Lakeland
  • Plant City
  • Tampa
  • St. Petersburg
  • Clearwater 


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