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Dust Free Floor Removal

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Why Dustless Floor Removal?

Tile removal is a messy, dusty, hazardous job. Unless you hire the dustless tile removal professionals at Floor Busters of Central Florida!

There are millions of tiny harmful silica particles dispersing into the air during the floor removal process. It is virtually impossible to stop this fine crystalline dust from infiltrating your cabinetry, closets, baseboards, and AC ducts.  OSHA warns that “exposure to silica during abrasive blasting, grinding or sanding can result in respiratory and lung problems.

Saving a few extra dollars to DIY, could result in unwanted exposure to this dangerous substance. Not to mention, the cleaning headache left behind from improper removal.  Plastic and tape alone will not stop hundreds of pounds of harmful dust particles from becoming airborne.

We use state of the art equipment specifically designed for a dust free floor removal process. Choosing Floor Busters of Central Florida to remove your flooring,  will protect your home and your family.   

Our tools are equipped with an OSHA recommended HEPA filtration system that captures the unwanted silica as it is generated. Don’t take a chance at these harmful dust particles find their way into your AC duct work. 

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Is Dust Free floor removal “Possible”?

See what our customers have to say…

I was told by numerous people that dust free tile removal doesn’t exist. A co-worker actually laughed at me and told me “good luck with that”. He got some cheap imitation “dust free” removal that didn’t work. I had a lot of doubt and even asked before they started if this is true. I was told to hold my payment until they’re done and I’m satisfied. That’s a strong statement and they delivered on it. I walked through the demo site multiple times while they worked and couldn’t find dust anywhere! This is the real deal. The tile installer told me he’s never seen such a smooth clean surface and in the end this saved me 2 days on the tile installation because he didn’t have to prep the surface prior to installation. Great work, great price (compared to standard tile removal), Great customer service!


Dan Settecase
Orlando, FL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★


The work was unbelievable and virtually dust free. 500 sq ft of tile was removed from 3 different rooms. 3 men arrived and ready to go to work at the scheduled time. They worked non-stop all day and finished the project. The equipment consisted of 2 large vacuums. A tile chipper connected to the Vacuum and sander also connected to the vacuum. I don’t know if there is money to be made in this business, but the 3 working probably deserve a raise. They were highly professional, polite and worked together as a team and worked relentlessly to get the job done and done right.. A quality rare today. We’re ready for our new floor thanks to these guys. I can’t say enough about how appreciative we are. The horror stories of the mess and dust associated with tile removal was on our mind and we were skeptical. We have absolutely no regrets. Thanks Barbara.

Jack & Barbara Jordan
Melbourne, FL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★