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Our Dustless Tile Removal Service is Second to None

Tiles are the most commonly found construction material in homes and commercial businesses. This is because of their durability and ease in cleaning.  But they are also difficult to remove, especially without damaging the underlying surface.  Standard / traditional tile removal involves a lot of manual labor and generates a ton of hazardous dust.  Grout and tile have a naturally occurring component to them called Silica.  This silica is extremely fine, and is present in the dust generated by grinding, drilling, and polishing – all the typical types of tile removal.  The problem with the dust though, is that the silica present in it makes it dangerous as well as messy.  Silica has been shown to cause cancer in long term and repeated exposure.  But even short term exposure can lead to long term respiratory problems.  If you have someone with asthma or copd, their conditions can worsen dramatically as well. The team at Floor Busters of Central Florida have all gone through renovations themselves, and now realize that the only way to go is dust free.  We have the equipment and experience to handle all types of flooring removal – whether it be tile, stone, brick or wood.  Our machines are equipped with OSHA recommended HEPA filters to make sure that 99.8% of dust is captured.

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The Best Dustless Demolition The Villages Can Count On

Starting a demolition project can be exciting! After all, it’s the first step in beginning a new construction project and bringing your vision to life. However, before you can start tearing down walls, you need to find the right company for the job. Floor Busters of Central Florida is the best choice for dustless demolition The Villages clients count on. We have the knowledge and necessary training to get the job done quickly. Plus, we use the latest equipment to minimize the amount of dust created during the demolition process. When you hire us, you can rest assured that your demolition project will be completed safely and on schedule. As the leading providers of dustless demolition The Villages people trust, we understand that you might have a tight timeline to complete your construction project. Our team will also work closely with you or your contractor / installer to ensure a smooth process.  

Whether you need a small area of your home renovated or an entire commercial space, we have the necessary training to get the job done right. We use only the latest and most advanced equipment to ensure that every job is completed and exceeds clients’ expectations!