I’m a “do-it-yourselfer” type of guy by default. Most jobs I do around my home I tackle myself. It takes me much longer to get the job done compared to hiring a qualified contractor, but I save money and have no one to blame but myself if I’m not pleased with the results. That being said, I have lived for YEARS with tile I wanted to replace with hardwood flooring. The only thing stopping me was the mess of removing the tile. When I discovered Floor Busters on the internet while looking for tools and procedures to remove the tile myself, I thought, could it be time to hire help? One phone call to Doug and I was sold. A week later Travis, Bubba, and Brandon arrived at my house, on time. From the first moment they were friendly but all about getting the job done, professional. They quickly set up their equipment in the house- air filters, specialized vacuums, hoses, large and small air hammers -and started working. The tile put up a fight, but in the end it lost and was loaded into their truck to be hauled away. Enter one more specialized tool, a concrete floor grinder that smoothed the slab beautifully. All of this done with no dust in the air, on the countertops, furniture. I was amazed. 6 hours of hard work later, these guys had removed the tile in my kitchen, foyer, one bathroom, and a utility room. They got it all, even around the edges, all traces of tile and thinset were removed leaving me with a surface ready to be prepped for hardwood. Years of putting this off because of the mess involved, they remedied in less than a day. If you are considering this but are put off by the price, let me assure you of the value in hiring these guys. If you think you can do it yourself, don’t!!! This is NOT a “do-it-yourselfer” job. Hire Floor Busters. Save the time, THE MESS, your home, your health! Thank you Floor Busters, for a job WELL DONE! No one to blame but myself for not hiring you sooner!

Marlin Pugh
Saint Cloud , FL