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We work with contractors or Do-it-yourselfers to make sure that everyone is safe and protected.  We have gone through renovations ourselves, and have come to the conclusion that DUSTLESS DEMOLITION is infinitely preferable to standard or traditional methods.  Dustless Demolition keeps everyone safe and healthy, and also means that installation happens quicker and more efficiently.  When we leave a site, it is often cleaner than when we began!  This not only means less cleanup expense, but it also means the surface is prepped and ready for the next treatment.   

When it comes to Dustless Demolition Starke and Gainesville area residents can trust, know that Floor Busters of Central Florida will do the job quicker, faster, and healthier.  We get the job done right the first time!




dustless floor removal gainesville fl floor busters of central florida

The effective Dust Free Flooring Removal Gainesville fL People deserve

Most renovations involve new flooring – but flooring removal without a mess is not something that just happens.  Floor Busters of Central Florida are the dust free flooring removal Gaineville and Starke Fl people want!  We serve Gainesville and the surrounding areas from our Starke office, along with areas further south through our other locations in FloridaWhether you need to remove the flooring because of damage or to change up the style, we can help.  We know what tool to use for which type of flooring.  Traditional removal tools include floor scrapers, rotary hammers, and other demolition equipment.  Our equipment is state of the art, and includes specialized HEPA vacuum upgrades.  This might seem like just a convenience.  After all – no one likes to clean up a mess.  But have you considered the further reaching impact of it?  De-construction dust gets into everything, from all the nooks and crannies of your home, to the ducts of your A/C, to your lungs.  And as it circulates, it spreads.  The cleanup never seems to end!  But the cleaning is really just the start.  If dust is allowed to become airborne, and to infiltrate your home or business, the people living and working there can also be affected.  Tile floor removal can generate up to 1 pound of dust per 1 square foot area.  This silica dust is so small that it cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can embed itself deep into your lungs.  Silica dust is a known carcinogen.  But even dust without silica can impact those with respiratory issues such as asthma or COPD.  Dust free flooring removal means that 99.8% of the dust generated is captured AT THE SOURCE of creation.  It never gets the chance to spread. 

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We provide the high-quality Dustless Demolition Gainesville homeowners need

floor busters of central florida dust free floor removal

Are you thinking about taking on a renovation project for your home or business?  As you consider what you want your space to look like in the future, you also have to consider what needs to come out to make that happen.  Demolition can be very messy and have health implications if proper protocols are not followed. 

Before the days of heavy-duty power tools, the only way to demolish floors or cabinets and drywall was  by hand. This was a tedious and time-consuming process that resulted in a lot of dust and debris. Today, there are many different types of demolition equipment available that can make the job a bit easier, but the hazards remain the same  Floor Busters of Central Florida specializes in DUSTLESS demolition.  We use the top of the line equipment and the latest techniques to safely remove floors without creating a lot of dust and debris.  We are skilled in both floor removal , tile removal, and light demolition (such as cabinet or drywall removal)  – so whether you are just replacing floors, or are undergoing a large renovation project, we can help you get it done faster and in a healthier manner.  

Did you know that the majority of materials used in construction are bricks, tiles, concrete and mortar.  Silica is a major constituent of these construction materials.  When you start de-constructing something that is made up of them, you generate a lot of dust.  Most of the time, de-construction is done using methods such as cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing.  These techniques have traditionally generated a tremendous amount of dust and debris.  However, with the use of HEPA filtration and powerful vacuums, Floor Busters of Central Florida can prevent that from happening.  We capture the dust BEFORE it can get out into the surrounding area and air.  This is especially important if you are trying to live or work in the property as construction is going on.  Silica particles are very fine, and can get deep into your lungs.  The fine dust is known as respirable crystalline silica (RCS) and is too fine to see with normal lighting. It is commonly called silica or silica dust.  Heavy and prolonged exposure to RCS can cause lung cancer and other serious respiratory diseases. In addition to the risks from lung cancer, silica is also linked to other serious lung diseases.  The amounts needed to cause this damage are not large. 

Floor Busters of Central Florida can handle all of the flooring removal Gainesville Florida residents need.  Including:

  • Ceramic & Porcelain tile
  • Concrete
  • Wood and Vinyl
  • Carpet with Padding
  • Stone, Granite, Slate and Marble
  • Travertine

Remember, with Floor Busters of Central Florida, your project will be

  • HEALTHIER tile removal – toxic dust never becomes airborne
  • CLEANER tile removal – hundreds of pounds of fine dust (approximately 1 pound per square foot!) 
  • FASTER tile removal – cutting edge tools designed specifically for tile removal means skipping the massive cleanup process.

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Tile is an amazing material for flooring because it is durable and easy to clean, and it comes in a variety of colors and styles.  However one of those assets – durability – can become a liability when it is time to remove it.  The laying of tile involves thin-set and mortar, as well as the tile itself.  So when you go to remove it, you need to consider the best manner to get ALL of that removed without damaging the subfloor, so that the surface is clean and ready to receive the new material.

Tile removal will generate about 1 pound of dust per square foot.  That dust will infiltrate EVERYTHING, and makes getting the surface clean enough for the new floor difficult.  We offer dustless tile removal in Gainesville Fl, so that you do not have to worry about that.  

The definitive answer to this problem is “Virtually Dust Free Tile Removal“. Our company specializes in this application and uses cutting edge equipment that was specifically designed for dust free flooring removal. We use powerful industrial Hepa-filtered dust collection vacuums that won’t plug up. Our chipping hammers, grinders and even waste collection bins are tooled with incredibly powerful vacuum ports that keep the finest dust particles from entering the air and escaping into and settling in your home.

Our process is cleaner and faster than traditional demolition, and saves time and money on cleanup and surface preparation.  

This is one area of home improvement that you should really consider calling a professional.

the professional dustless Floor Removal Services Gainesville FL people trust in

Have you ever heard of dustless floor removal?  Floor Busters of Central Florida offers dustless floor removal in Gainesville Fl and all of Florida, along with light demolition such as cabinet removal, etc.

We specialize in dust free floor removal that provides healthy, clean, and fast services.

There are major differences between traditional floor removal and our dustless floor removal.  Traditional methods create fine dust that covers and fills every inch of your home!  It gets into cabinets, on all surfaces, in bedding and clothes and also A/C ductwork.  Anyone that suffers from allergies or respiratory issues like asthma or COPD will also be affected by lingering dust, which will continue to show up for months after a job is complete.  

But dustless floor removal is different.  By using special equipment that is outfitted with HEPA filtration vacuums, we capture over 99% of the dust BEFORE it gets dispersed.  This means that we often leave the job site cleaner than it was before we started!  The dust never gets a chance to bother anyone.  Call the dustless floor removal experts that Gainesville Fl residents trust.