Dustless Tile Removal Starke


Dustless tile removal and dustless floor removal is a new concept for some people. The dirt, dust and allergens can be overwhelming when removing old carpet and flooring.  Inhaling these materials can damage lungs and have long term health repercussions. 


Dustless Tile Removal and Dust Free Floor Removal STARKE FL

If you need an entire kitchen, bath, or just flooring removed, we can handle it quickly without a mess. We use state of the art equipment that is designed for dust free demolition. This equipment goes through a vigorous evaluation process to make sure it meets and exceeds our high company standards. It is equipped with HEPA filtration systems recommended by OSHA. This filtration system captures unwanted silica and particles. Don’t take a chance inhaling these harmful particles. Floor Busters offers a cleaner, safer solution to your floor removal needs. 

dustless tile removal

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