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Remodeling is a huge, messy, and expensive undertaking!  Once you have an idea of what you want your new space to look like, you can begin planning the steps to get you there.  One of the first things that needs to be done is to remove the old to allow room for the new.  This might mean just ripping out flooring in 1 room, or it could mean getting down to the studs.  Whatever the case is, Floor Busters of Central Florida can help.  We do dustless floor removal and dustless demolition so that your project can be done faster, healthier, and more efficiently.  

Have you ever heard of dustless demolition?  A lot of people have not, and assume that there is no way to avoid the mess that demolition leaves behind.  At Floor Busters of Central Florida, we have gone through multiple renovations personally, and have found that dustless demolition is by far the best way to go.  

Most building materials (brick, tile, concrete, and mortar) have silica as a primary component.  Silica is the natural substance found in sand, rocks, and clay.  However, when you drill, cut, or polish these things, normal demolition methods will generate a ton of dust.  In fact, you will generate about 1 pound of dust for every 1 square foot of tile removed.  This dust is full of crystalline silica particles, which are super fine and can not only spread far and wide, but can also embed themselves deep into lungs – causing respiratory illnesses over time.

Our tools are outfitted with OSHA recommended HEPA filtration systems that capture the unwanted silica as it is generated.  We use powerful vacuums that do not clog up, so that we can be sure that 99.8% of the dust created never makes it out into the air to bother you or anyone else.

Demolition of a floor can create a lot of dust and debris – but not when done by the dustless floor removal Orlando experts.  Your home or office space will be left clean and ready for the next treatment.  This often saves money on standard demolition, because there is not the need for additional site preparation work.  You also save money and time on general cleanup expenses. 

No matter what your reasons are for choosing our exclusive Orlando floor removal services, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the results. Call Floor Busters of Central Florida today!

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We Provide Quick Floor Removal Orlando FL Homeowners Count On

Our machines are capable of removing floors from an entire house or building in just 1 day!  Comparatively, a handyman or flooring installer will typically take anywhere from 4-7 days.  Our fast and efficient floor removal equipment means that there is no need for additional time and expense from clean up and disposal of the used flooring.  We keep your home and workplace dust free!

Floor Busters of Central Florida works with locally-owned floor stores and installers to make sure your project moves along as it should.  Our goal is to save you money by providing free floor removal estimates and in recommending the best flooring store and installers.  While we do not do the installations, we make sure that the site is ready for them.  This means that they can do their work faster, and you can enjoy your new space sooner!

Whether you are installing new tile or new hardwood floors, the preparation of the subfloor and old surface is critical to ensuring your new floor has a smooth finish and will last as long as possible.  With our top level machines, all equipped with HEPA certified air cleaners that capture 99.8% of the dust at the source, we keep your home and workplace dust free.

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We Offer Professional Tile Removal Orlando Natives Trust

Professionalism can have a huge impact on the final outcome of your project. This is why working with a company like Floor Busters of Central Florida is a great idea because we are experts in what we do, and always put our customers first.   We specialize in dustless demolition and tile removal – so we know how to get the job done right.  

Removing flooring can be quite an intense and body breaking process.  At Floor Busters we have the knowledge and experience to tackle any type of floor without subjecting you to unwanted health hazards or creating a mess that is difficult to clean up.  Types of flooring we can remove include:

  • Ceramic & Porcelain Tile
  • Concrete
  • Wood and Vinyl
  • Carpet with Padding
  • Stone, Granite, Slate and Marble
  • Travertine
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During a standard demolition process, the mess that is created takes time and money to clean.  Not only is the immediate cleanliness an issue, as the site needs to be prepared to receive the new treatment, but it will continue for months.  Dust gets into the A/C ducts and gets redistributed over time.  The money spent by having our dustless tile removal Orlando specialists do the job will be saved in the cleanup phase. 

But more importantly than cleanliness, is the health impact that you can avoid.  Traditional demolition can mean the release into the air of mold, allergens, and silica.  With dustless demolition, you prevent the inhalation of a known carcinogen (silica) and keep everyone safe.  Anyone with a respiratory concern, such as asthma or COPD should use caution during a remodeling project.  Our Orlando Dustless tile removal team uses top line tools equipped with HEPA filters and powerful vacuums to ensure that we capture those fine particles and allergens before they get a chance to present a health hazard.

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Our Dustless Floor Removal Services are Second to None

Remember – dust free flooring removal in Orlando IS possible.  For not much more than the cost of traditional demolition, you can maintain your space in as clean and healthy a manner as possible when undergoing a renovation.

Our floor removal experts have the proper tools and knowledge to remove your flooring correctly without damaging the sub-floors.  The result:

  • HEALTHIER flooring and tile removal – toxic dust never becomes airborne
  • CLEANER  flooring and tile removal – hundreds of pounds of fine dust (approximately 1 pound per square foot!) never makes it into the nooks and crannies of your home.
  • FASTER flooring and tile removal – cutting edge tools designed specifically for tile removal means skipping the massive cleanup process.  Almost always twice as fast as traditional methods