Kitchen and Bathroom Demolition - Dust Free Floor Removal

Data shows that a bathroom remodel will yield the biggest return on your investment when looking to resell.  For every dollar you spend, you will see a $1.71 increase in home value.  This can include everything from painting and swapping out a mirror to complete tear-outs.  For small cosmetic upgrades (hardware or paint), you probably feel that you can do those yourself without much difficulty.  But once you venture into demolition of shower tile or tearing out vanities and tile floor, you may want to consider calling in the experts.  Floor Busters of Central Florida specializes in kitchen and bathroom demolition dust free, so that you can be ready for the installers to get to work.  

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Exceptional Dust Free Tile Removal for a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel is often one of the first areas to target when remodeling and updating a home.  It is the heart of the home, and is often the target to remodel in order to

  • Improve function / update an awkward layout
  • Upgrade to meet your family’s needs and create a space that works for you.
  • Change style to more closely fit your personal vibe
  • Increase resale value
  • Improve energy and water savings

However – as awesome as the final product can be, getting there is often messy, inconvenient, and tiresome.  Demolition and drywall sanding traditionally leaves tons of grit and grime, unless you call Floor Buster!

Floor Busters of Central Florida can help make this huge undertaking a bit less stressful, and definitely healthier.  We offer DUSTLESS DEMOLITION for a DUST FREE KITCHEN REMODEL!.  We can have your cabinets out AND your floor removed while preventing unwanted debris and particles from infiltrating your home and family.   We pride ourselves on leaving your home clean – in fact, many of our customers have commented that their home is actually cleaner when we leave than it was before we started.

We use state of the art equipment specifically designed to create a dust free floor removal and demolition process.  Our tools are equipped with OSHA recommended HEPA filtration systems that capture unwanted silica and other particles as they are generated.  This means that they never have a chance to find their way into your lungs or your AC duct work.

Cabinet Removal Solutions For Kitchen and Bathroom Demolition

Removing kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities is an essential part of a kitchen or bathroom demolition and remodel.  Cabinets can be attached in a variety of ways.  Sometimes they are simply screwed into a wood board, but occasionally they are also glued.  Behind the cabinet might be drywall or wood – and you need to know the specifics of installation so that you can remove them without damaging the foundation for your new cabinets.

Floor Busters of Central Florida can handle cabinet removal, no matter the original installation method.  We have a team of highly skilled professionals with the right tools and equipment to get the job done correctly.  We will not only remove the cabinets, but make sure that any dust, mold, or other particulates that might find their way into your home is contained and removed.  We leave your kitchen ready for its transformation!