dust free tile removal

Floor Removal and Demolition Equipment

Removing tile, linoleum sheet goods, vinyl, carpet or wood floors can be messy and time consuming. With the right floor removal and demolition equipment, these projects can be quick, clean, and simple.

Special chisels can be used to break out tile and cut through concrete for demolition or repair work. Specialized dust eliminating equipment is also available to allow for a cleaner working environment in live in and occupied homes and offices.

Walk-Behind Scrapers

If you’re working on smaller jobs that don’t require a large ride-on scraper or are looking for floor removal equipment to add to your rental fleet, a walk behind scraper is the perfect solution. Available in both manual and self propelled models, these floor scrapers are ideal for taking up carpet, adhesives, tile, linoleum and vinyl floor coatings.

They work best on soft floors and can also be used to remove most hard flooring and coatings, such as wood, stone tile, thinset and paint. It’s recommended to slightly dull the blade on these types of projects – a sharp blade tends to “dig” into softer substrates, rather than skim across them.

Our flagship model, The Rogue, has been redesigned to be more effective and easier to maneuver than legacy walk-behind scrapers. Its powerful engine and combination of weight, power, ram action makes it unstoppable on most soft flooring and coatings. This includes gummy commercial carpets, sheet vinyl, vct, rubber flooring, indoor sport surfaces and roofing material.

Ride-On Scrapers

A ride-on scraper, also known as a floor stripper is the equipment of choice for large commercial flooring removal jobs. They can take up all types of coatings from a concrete floor including asphalt, carpet, VCT, linoleum, vinyl, paint, epoxy, stone tile like ceramic, terrazzo, and marble and manufactured wood such as laminate and bamboo.

This type of machine is more expensive than a walk-behind scraper, but they can save contractors time and labor costs which results in higher profit per job. These units are self-contained allowing one operator to work faster and produce better results than an entire crew working together.

This unit uses a battery and plugs into a standard 115 volt outlet at the end of the day, making it ideal for projects where propane regulations are an issue or for use in occupied spaces where there may be safety concerns. Check out our blog article to learn more about this unit and the different options available.

Electric Rotary Hammers

Rotary hammers are power tools that combine drill and demolition chisel in one package. They use an electro-pneumatic hammer piston to generate impact energy that allows them to drill holes into concrete and other dense building materials. They also feature a hammer-only mode for chiseling applications. Most models are available with SDS-plus and SDS-max bit holding systems for varying sizes of drilling holes.

Rotary-hammer drills are the tool of choice for electricians who need to make holes in walls, block and brick to install conduit clips, junction boxes or cable trays. They also help to chip and remove tile during renovations or demolition.

While cordless tools are gaining ground, many users still prefer to stick with a corded rotary-hammer or demo hammer. New battery innovations enable these tools to be powerful enough for the job while remaining OSHA compliant thanks to vibration reduction and efficient dust collection technology. Some models even offer an all-day battery life with a single charge.


A jackhammer is a powerful tool that works by smashing away at something until it breaks. They are typically powered by compressed air or electric motors and use a combination of a hammer and chisel. They are used to break up concrete and other hard surfaces. They can also be attached to other equipment, such as a skid steer, for even more power.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes and types. Smaller, hand-held jackhammers are usually electric while larger rig-mounted models are often gas powered. They can be heavy or light, depending on the job at hand and the user’s preference. They are also often equipped with anti-vibration systems to help reduce hand fatigue.

The surface preparation floor scaper trolley is an amazing piece of equipment that allows workers to execute demolition or other construction projects up to 6 times faster than using standard jackhammers alone. Buy Manufacturers Direct sells this machine as well as other types of floor removal and demolition machines.