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How is tile removal without dust possible? Dustless tile removal is performed with careful attention to the details by our staff and by using the proper tools the proper way. All work is centered around the use of powerful specialized non-clogging HEPA vacuums.


 How does tile removal and tile installation go hand in hand? Smoother and flatter floors at the end of a proper tile removal job naturally lead to a nice, problem free tile installation.


Do you install new flooring? To date we do not install new flooring. We do work with flooring installation companies and may be able to recommend one of them in your area for tile installation.


What tile removal tools do you use and what works best for dustless tile and flooring removal? We use commercial tile removal tools including ride-on floor scrappers, rotary hammers, demolition hammers, angle grinders, walk-behind and other tile removal-demolition equipment. All of these tile removal tools have specialized HEPA vacuum upgrades. We also use powerful specialized non-clogging HEPA vacuums. We have used many specialized dust shrouds for our tools including shrouds from Dust Commander, Bosco Dustcuff and Tile Busters (We are also considering trying some Dustram products and may write an independent review of all these products at some point in the future). (List of the most talked about tile removal tools: tile removal power tools, tile removal jackhammers, tile removal grinders, tile removal power scrapers)


Do you have any DIY tile removal tips? Our company and tile removal services were created after doing DIY tile removal in our own homes and then at various job sites. After experiencing tile removal-demolition with tradition methods we believe that “Dust Free” tile removal is the only way to go and it provides quick, clean tile flooring removal that is superior to DIY flooring removal. If you are determined to remove your own tile we will be happy to give you some feedback about the process.


Do you provide tile removal machine rentals as an option? Our tile removal machinery is specialized, expensive and requires training to get the proper results so we don’t provide tile removal power tools or machine rentals. Good sources for machinery and tools would be from tool companies such as Dustram, Dust Commander and Bosco.


How is removing tile from concrete different than removing it from a wood sub-floor? Thin-set is applied directly to a concrete slab and wood generally has cement backer board above it.


What is the difference in using a tile removal company as opposed to DoItYourSelf (DIY) tile removal? We can’t speak for all flooring removal companies that remove tile but regarding our service, we provide healthier, cleaner and faster flooring removal when compared to other tile removal-demolition companies and certainly when compared to DIY tile removal.


What other thing should I factor in when considering the cost of tile removal? If you use our Dust-Free service you won’t have to factor in a huge cleanup bill from tile removal dust! The other thing to factor in is waste removal. We generally use a product call “The Bagster” from Waster Management (WM). One “Bagster” can hold approximately 3300 lbs of waste that is picked up curbside by Waste Management.


Do you have video of your tile removal process? Yes. We have a Floor Busters YouTube channel featuring ceramic tile removal video and other flooring removal and tile demolition video. There are also many 3rd party youtube videos regarding clean dustless tile removal. Other good sources for removal videos include some from tool manufacturers including Dust Commander, Dustram, and Bosco.


What does “Dust Free Tile Removal” mean? Our tile removal video shows our process and the results from our services. In general, though “Dust Free”” or Virtually Dust Free” means that dust from tile removal is removed by HEPA filtration vacuums, during the removal process before it has the chance to become airborne. Other terms used are clean tile removal, dustless tile removal.


Do cabinets have to come out when doing a kitchen tile removal? No. In cases where cabinets are installed on top the tile we can cut the tile up to the bottom of the cabinets and under toe-kicks.


Does baseboard need to be removed in order to remove my flooring? In cases where baseboard is not being replaced we can remove tile up to the baseboard.

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Dust free tile removal process at The Villages.

Removing Thinset the easy way.  Completely dustless.